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Sea Cucumber - Joint health & Immune system

Sea Cucumber is a marine animal found on the sandy floor of the seas throughout the world. Sea cucumbers can be found in great numbers on the deep seafloor, where they often make up the majority of the animal biomass. At depths deeper than 8.9 km, sea cucumbers comprise 90% of the total mass of the macrofauna.

These invertebrates are valued for their medicinal and nutritional benefits. Sea Cucumber is known to stimulate the immune system and provide the nutrients required by the body to naturally support connective tissue, and help manage inflammation and improve health.

Sea Cucumber is used for: Pain, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, kidney stones, rheumatism (arthritis), muscle aches and pains, high cholesterol level, cancer, acne ,ovarian tumours ,polyps of the cervix, high blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, Allergy, herpes, immunity. hypertension, joint health, Hepatitis, virus infections, menopause, healing of wounds after childbirth, and to Nourish overall health.

Each bottle contain 60 pills (take 1 or 2 daily)

$26.33 - $29.00 Each

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What is in your capsules?
Our capsules contain 600mg of Sea Cucumber powder Each bottle contains 60 pills.

How long before I start to notice any results?
Sea Cucumber is potent and fast acting. You should start to notice improvements after just a few days.

Is there any side effects?
Usually you would get no sideeffects, however do not take if you are allergic to sea food.

Do I need a prescription?
No. You do not need any prescription, or doctors visits to purchase Sea Cucumber. However, if you are on medication or suffering any serious health issues check with your doctor first.

How long until I get my order?
NZ orders received before 2pm, usually arrive the following business day. Although there are sometimes exceptions. We do all we can to get you your order a quick as possible. International orders take 1-2 weeks.

Is it Guaranteed?
Yes. We only manufacture and sell the most quality and effective products. So can offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a refund. (see FAQ page for full details of our guarantee).


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